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Friday, August 4

Toolbox Talk and Stretch & Flex
YP Introductions / Icebreaker / Student Introductions
Program Overview / Housekeeping / ProCore
Project Challenge Overview and Mock Activity
Mock Activity
Student Luncheon
Presentation #1 - Estimating | Speaker: Henry Ehrgott, The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company
Presentation #2 - Scheduling | Speaker: Rodney McCoy, Flatiron
Presentation #3 - Technical Writing and Presentations | Speaker: Agnes Weber, Gannett Fleming Inc.
Load Bus & Depart for Team Building Event
En Route to Team Building Event
Team Building Activity — Sponsored by Stacy & Witbeck
Load Bus and Depart to Welcome Reception
Presentation and Welcome Reception — Sponsored by Flatiron (West of Surrender, 501 16th St Mall)
Free Time
Release RFP via ProCore

Saturday, August 5

Breakfast, Toolbox Talk and Stretch & Flex
Pre-Bid Meeting
Presentation #4 - Project Management & Delivery/Pre-Construction | Presented by The Weitz Company
Presentation #5 - Risk Management / HSE/QAQC | Speakers: Rick Zellen and Raul Garcia
CI Board Meeting
Presentation #6 - Industry Panel/ Career Paths in Civil Engineering | Speakers: Ian Ebersole, Bill Hinton, Jordan Henshaw, Yvonne Owusu-Safo, and Greg Moore
Industry Panel Professionals Available for students to one-on-one network
Lunch on Your Own/Worktime
Professional Networking Activity - Speed networking with small groups and professionals at tables
One-on-one mingling after dinner for dessert + coffee

Sunday, August 6

Toolbox Talk and Stretch & Flex, Project Site and Safety Overview For Tour
Load Bus and Depart for Tour
Project Site Tour
Lunch on own/team time rest of day

Monday, August 7

Team Mentors Available / Team Time
Team Bid Submissions Due (submit through ProCore)
Lunch on Your Own
Team Presentation Submissions Due (submit through ProCore)
Student Presentations in Front of Judging Panel
Group Dinner: Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery — Sponsored by Whiting-Turner

Tuesday, August 8

Closing Breakfast
Presentation - What can ASCE do for you?/What next?
Closing Breakfast Presentation — Sponsored by Turner Construction Company
Feedback Activity
Winning Team Announcements and Awards Ceremony


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