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Young Professionals

Bhumipak (Luke) Auewarakul, E.I.T.

Luke Auewarakul is currently a Construction Claims Consultant at Capital Project Management, Inc. (CPMI) in New York City. He specializes in CPM scheduling of construction projects, along with analysis and preparation of delay and disruption disputes.  Luke has assisted in the evaluation of over $500M + in construction claims.

Luke graduated from Columbia University with a B.S. and M.S. in Civil Engineering with concentrations in Structural Engineering and Construction Management. He was the secretary of the local ASCE chapter at Columbia University and a member of the Steel Bridge team representing Columbia University at the regional Student Steel Bridge Competition.

Alpha Bah

Alpha Bah is an upcoming graduate in Civil Engineering specialized in Transportation design and construction. Alpha worked as an intern for the NYS DOT as Transportation Construction Inspector that focused on milling, paving and/or repairing major highways in the city of New York. Alpha volunteered with many non-profit construction organizations such as, All Hands and Heart, Engineers Without Border, and Habitat for Humanity. Alpha participated in Student Days 2022, and he is an active member of the ASCE CI YPC.

Prabin Bhattarai, A.M.ASCE

Prabin Bhattarai is a transportation engineer at HNTB. Prabin earned his Bachelors of Civil Engineering degree from Penn State Harrisburg. He works on design and co-ordination of project. He is a active ASCE Member and is part of ASCE Central PA Young Professional. His most work include I-83 Highway expansion at Harrisburg, PA and Hill to Hill Bridge at Bethlehem, PA. He participated in ASCE CI Student Days 2021 and join YPC to continue the work with Student Days since 2022.

Jason Duque, E.I.T.

Jason is a field engineer for Gannett Fleming, after having graduated in June 2022 from the State University of New York at Buffalo with his concentration in structural engineering. He joined Gannett Fleming in 2020, as an intern, where he worked in Grand Central Terminal on an escalator replacement and Metro-North Railroads Sandy Restoration projects. He is currently working on the Penn Station Access Project as a consultant and staff extension to Amtrak, where he currently holds project engineer responsibilities but has also been involved with design coordination and document control.

Having joined his university's student chapter in 2020, he participated in ASCE CI Student Days 2021 and attended the 2022 ASCI CI & CRC Joint Conference where he was fortunate enough to meet Student Days organizers in person. As such they all demonstrated the value of the ASCE CI YPC and received him with open arms as one of the newest members of the YPC. After having attended the YPC Retreat in 2023, he is proud to have joined everyone else as a fellow YP and help contribute to the development of future engineers and construction professionals.

Bobbie Gilmour, E.I.T., CDT, ENV SP 

Bobbie is a civil and environmental engineer with experience in water and wastewater treatment, pumping, and pipeline projects. She works on planning, design, and construction projects for municipalities, including support for project task coordination, design and cost analysis, and document control/management and certified payroll for federal funding.

Bobbie's recent work involves providing third-party construction management or engineering services during construction; and she has worked full-time in the field on projects up to $350 million in constructed value.  She provides dependable, responsive field support to several project teams to coordinate meetings, organize documents and reports, support public relations, coordinate internal/external communications, and other project needs as assigned.

Bobbie is an associate member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), including active leadership in ASCE's Seattle Younger Members Forum as the current President.

Emma Herr, E.I.T.  

Emma Herr is a Project Engineer with Hoffman Construction Company, a general contractor headquartered in the Pacific Northwest. Emma's current project is located in Pullman, WA building a new terminal building for the Pullman-Mosocw Regional Airport. Emma also has previous experience in temporary formwork design and bridge construction. Emma graduated from Iowa State University in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and a Certificate in Leadership. She attended CI Student Days in 2018 and has been heavily involved with the American Society of Civil Engineers Young Professional Council since 2019. Emma has held multiple positions within the YPC and currently holds the position of Governor.

Hanna Hoffman

Hanna Hoffman works as a Project Engineer for Pacific Pile and Marine in Seattle, Washington. She also gained valuable experience with Kiewit as a full-time field engineer and as a college intern.  Hanna is a graduate of Saint Martin’s University, where she earned her master’s in engineering management with a focus on construction and a bachelor’s in civil engineering. She plans to begin teaching at Oregon State University in the fall of 2023 while pursuing her Ph.D. in Engineering Education.

As a member of the ASCE student chapter at Saint Martin’s University, Hanna participated in many student symposiums and served as host school conference coordinator in 2019.  She also served as president and other offices for her chapter and participated in the 2019 Student Days program.  Hanna remains active in ASCE, helping host the 2023 Student Days program and serving as a young professional (YP) mentor during the competition. She is a member of the Construction Institute and the Student Outreach Chair for its YP Council. Hanna looks forward to bridging the gap with students in a competitive and realistic construction estimating competition at Student Days in Denver this year.

Ian McKane, E.I.T.

Ian McKane is currently a Civil Engineer with the Philadelphia Water Department working in the role of a Construction Project Engineer and Contract Administrator for drinking water treatment and water resources construction projects. Currently, Ian is managing a project that includes the replacement of a spillway for a high hazard dam in the city.  The project also includes the construction of a canal intake structure, and the preservation of a historic lock and gatehouse structure.  In the past Ian has managed and inspected construction projects at Philadelphia’s largest drinking water treatment plant.

Recently, Ian graduated from Villanova University with a Master of Science in Civil Engineering. While at Villanova, Ian worked as a Graduate Research Assistant studying temporal trends in sediment and nutrient transport in rain gardens. Ian also earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Rowan University. As a student at Rowan, Ian became involved with the Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers. Ian competed in the Construction Institute Student Days Competition in 2017. Ian is currently on the Executive Board of the ASCE Construction Institute Young Professionals Council as the Treasurer.

Nathan O'Donnell, E.I.T, A.M.ASCE

Nathan is a graduate from the University of Florida with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. He currently works as a Project Engineer for the Weitz Company in Florida. After 4 years of involvement in ASCE as a gator engineer serving as president of his student chapter and project manager of his concrete canoe team, Nathan is still active in ASCE with the Construction Institute (CI). As a student in the 2019 Student Days program, Nathan is now helping host the program and will be a young professional (YP) mentor during the competition. Nathan is also leading the charge to develop a student conference competition for the ASCE student conferences. He hopes that this competition will be another way students can learn about construction engineering and ASCEs institutes.

Justin Paik, A.M ASCE

Justin Paik is an Environmental Engineer at CDM Smith, working in Boston, MA. At CDM Smith, Justin works on projects spanning drinking water conveyance, wastewater treatment, climate resilience, sustainability, and epidemiology. Justin graduated with a B.S. from Columbia University in Earth and Environmental Engineering, and participated in Student Days in 2022. He serves as Professional Development Chair on the ASCE CI YPC.

Rafael Pinkhasov, E.I.T.

Rafael Pinkhasov is a BIM/CAD Specialist with the NYC Department of Environmental Protection. He specializes in aiding the In-House Design team on capital projects pertaining to the city’s water infrastructure system. Rafael was a participant in Student Days in 2022 and is now a new member of the ASCE CI YPC.

He graduated from New York University in May 2022 with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and concentrations in Construction Management and Finance. His interest in construction and construction law was solidified after his research at NYU on the liabilities of engineers on construction projects. As a result, he is currently studying for his JD at Pace Law School.

Nalah Williams, E.I.T.  

Nalah is the owner of Golden Mane Property Management in Dallas, Texas. Nalah earned her Bachelors of Civil Engineering degree from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2019. She works on site design, property management, and land development projects for residential properties and commercial offices. She serves as the Past Governor for the Construction Institute's Young Professionals Council. Nalah also serves as the Chair and Deputy Treasurer for the ASCE Dallas Younger Members Group. She is a member of the ASCE 2027 Convention Task Committee, as well. She was a participant in Student Days in 2019 and won the competition with her team! Nalah also enjoys designing custom homes for her private clients and hopes to have her own construction management company one day to build those very homes. She loves mentoring students and showing them the available opportunities for a young, woman of color.


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